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Apple may not have invented the tablet computer but as is often the case they caught the tablet wave with the iPad at exactly the right moment and managed to catch most of the market. Apple Computer has re-established itself as king of the hardware kingdom by making elegant products that interface intuitively with users. Best of all Apple products have an uncanny ability to just work well while much of the competition is still stalling and running out of batteries. The Apple iPad has been a huge success for a good reason- it’s a brilliant machine at an amazing price point.

The Apple iPad comes in two versions: the iPad with Wi-Fi and the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3-G. The 3-G version can connect to the Internet anywhere using a 3-G network just like your cell phone while the Wi-Fi version must latch on to either a public or private Wi-Fi network to gain access to the internet. The 3-G service requires a monthly service contract. Both the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+3-G versions come with three different sizes of memory: 16, 32 and 64 GB. This makes six different versions of the iPad to choose from. Very shortly the iPad II will be released. iPad II will probably be released in six versions. The memory on the iPad can’t be upgraded so choose wisely when you are deciding which device to buy.

The iPad sports a 10 inch screen with beautiful definition and while the iPad can be used as a production device with it’s small size and light weight (1.5 pounds) it is really the ultimate consumption device for accessing and viewing information off of the internet. The iPad is in the enviable position of having more applications available than any other tablet computer. This turns the iPad into a powerful little machine that can be customized to fit your needs or the needs of your company. Any iPhone app will run on the iPad but it may be small- the size of the iPhone screen. Many applications are designed in two versions- one for the iPad and one for the iPhone. Due to the increased cost of producing two apps, iPad specific applications often have a small fee. Most free applications are produced in what is called a Universal format that will adjust to the size of whatever device you are using. There are thousands of useful free and paid applications and these applications are what set the Apple iPad years ahead of the competition.

Another feature that sets the iPad apart is the significant battery life. The iPad can operate for 10 hours of continuous use before needing to be recharged and when not in use the iPad will hold a charge for an entire month. This and the size and weight make the iPad a truly portable device that will fit easily into a purse or a briefcase.

The excellent color screen on the Apple iPad makes this an ideal device for reading books and magazines, looking at TV or downloaded movies and playing video games. The screen doesn’t do very well in direct sunlight. Through Apple iTunes you can get just about any book and magazine you would like. In addition, there is a free Kindle application that you can install on your iPad to access all of Amazon Kindle’s content and Amazon’s online bookstore. Netflix and Hulu TV offer apps that allow you to access videos and TV content anywhere at anytime. There are tons of games available and the finger touch interface makes these games fun and easy to play.

The iPad really excels when it comes to surfing the Internet. The larger screen makes this much easier than with the iPhone and the touch screen creates a very pleasurable experience. The iPad is also the perfect device for using Facebook and email and for viewing and sharing pictures with your family and friends.

‘So the iPad is a great toy, so what,’ you may be thinking. ‘I’ve got enough toys and I can’t see myself lugging this thing in addition to my computer on a business trip.’ Well the really neat thing about the iPad is that you can probably take it instead of your computer and use all the valuable space you save for a change of clothes. The iPad is actually a pretty savvy little computer for business.

The iPad has a very useable touch keyboard that is 80% regular size. An external keyboard can also be attached if you just can’t get used to the touch keyboard. With the iPad you can produce written documents, spreadsheets, graphs and slideshows. You can then send and save them in a variety of formats including all the PC compatible equivalents. The iPad can be connected to a projector and using your finger you can create a laser pointer on the projection screen. For $99.00 (-$30.00 the first year if purchased at the same time as your iPad) a year you can purchase MobileMe from Apple. MobileMe allows you to remotely sync all you contacts and calendars across all your devices including your PC. For example, if you add a new number on your iPhone it will automatically be updated remotely onto the contacts on your iPad and your computer at home. MobileMe also comes with 20 gigabytes of secure remote storage where you can send any documents. MobileMe storage allows you to remotely save something at work and then pull it down onto your iPad at home or on a business trip.

The iPad can also be very useful in a hospital environment for viewing patient’s records and charts. In addition, there is a free application produced by Dragon, a leader in voice recognition software that is useful for doctors. The iPad comes with a microphone and used in conjunction with the Dragon app a healthcare provider is able to make verbal patient notes and have them immediately transcribed onto the iPad.

The much-anticipated iPad II will be released very shortly. The press release for the iPad II is expected to be March 2, 2011. Until March 2 no one knows what new features will be included on the iPad II. However, there are rumors that the iPad II will be more interactive especially when it comes to using the touch screen with books and learning materials. There are also rumors that the iPad II will have the ability to edit and process photos and video content- something that the current iPad can’t do. The iPad II may also come with a front camera. This is all speculation until the press release and the Apple iPad is already an amazing machine.

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