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BlackBerry Tablet PlayBook

BlackBerry Tablet PlayBook

The Blackberry Tablet is one of the latest products to emerge into a crowded market for techie gadgets. One of the key differentiating features of the Blackberry Tablet is that it is not dependent on applications to function. This is a full web-browser so why would one need an applications if one can access the website itself? Though the trends with most mobile gadgets involve applications which allow the user to personalize and develop an existing product to suite the needs of the user. This is not a needed philosophy with the Blackberry Tablet. The user does not need an add on application because the devise is practically stand-alone technology that is fully capable of accessing the web as a computer would.

The Blackberry Tablets will come equipped with two cameras which will allow the recording of video at the same time as enabling the user to host video conference calls. The implications toward business is astounding. This is a tool that is set apart from its competitors by the very limitations that define this market niche. In sales this tool will allow service reps to have instant and reliable access to inventories, accounts, as well as both customer data and company data. This translates into an empowerment of sales staff through improved customer service and edge technology that will allow sales to be customized to fit each customer. This is the power that the Blackberry Tablets will unleash. This is the tool that will give freedom to sales and business professional.

The Blackberry Tablet connects through WiFi, Bluetooth or via Blackberry smart-phone and a cellular network. The choice of connection is left to the user but the bigger pictures is that with multiple options for connection the user is less likely to be without the internet.

Selling points for the Blackberry Tablet is primarily two fold. First, the Blackberry Tablet will have 1 GIG of RAM. This means that multiple programs can run at the same time without the lag that is associated with the application based competitors of the Blackberry Tablet. This is the power of the internet working with the user. The second selling point is that the Blackberry Tablet will utilize Flash technology will will allow the Blackberry Tablet to interface with today’s technology and the future technology of tomorrow. Since the web is ever-changing it is important to realize that the Blackberry Tablet will adapt to those changes.

An ideal market for this tablet is the healthcare field where the possibilities for use are endless. The first applied opportunity that came to mind was Emergency Medicine where medical professionals in the field might have immediate access to patient information and medical records. Such access would come through an interface with hospital medical records. This could allow for greater care to be given in the field, a more in-depth report being given to Emergency Rooms prior to the patient arriving, and may even allow the Emergency Room to predetermine how care may best be administered. These tasks could be done before the patient even arrives. Use of the camera system to stream video of injuries, access to medical records, and potentially even giving paramedics traffic updates all could mean better patient care.

Imagine a world where doctors could have instant access to medical data, medical records, or even video conferencing during surgery. The possibilities are endless and the potential is great. The use of cutting edge technology to improve patient care should be a goal of every medical institution.

Embracing mobile technology to improve healthcare is only one aspect of how the Blackberry Tablet can begin to shape the professional world. As technology continues to change and improve the opportunity exists for the business world to grow and improve along with that technology. Interested business professional should compare the Blackberry Tablet to its competitors. The result should show the Blackberry Tablet to be a clear market leader. The differentiating aspects almost set the gadget apart from its competitors. It is definitely more then a gadget and practically a computer. The Blackberry Tablet is definitely a mobile winner. It weighs about 14 ounces and has a 7 inch screen which will allow viewing of video, pictures and documents in a more appropriate window. Another selling point is the seamless way that the Blackberry Tablet will interface with a Blackberry Smart-phone. Though wireless linking that makes syncing the tablet to a Blackberry device extremely simple.

Considering the remarkable amount of RAM, the Use of Flash technology and the many options available to connect to the internet that are offered on the Blackberry Tablet it is no wonder why professionals and business leaders have begun to rave about this device. This is a device that is limited only by the imagination of the person using it. In the business world this is as remarkable as the invention of the laptop computer. The excitement is due to a couple of factors that have already been embraced by the business world. Those being the adaption of business and marketing to the mobile marketplace and the embracing of mobile technology by small business. This is the right device at the right time.

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