Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining on Tablets

Bitcoin has become a valuable asset for mobile users because of dependable, inexpensive, and fast transactions. Apple, Google, & Windows have found their app stores filled with bitcoin utilities to ensure users can protect their bitcoin, transfer bitcoin, and securely store bitcoin. There are currently 200+ bitcoin related apps on the google play app store alone. A great starting point for beginners to learn about bitcoin and bitcoin mining can be found on Bitcoins are a high risk investment and bitcoin mining has even higher risks because of expensive hardware costs and complex software configuration. The value of bitcoin has significantly dropped from the beginning of the year because Mt. Gox, the Tokyo bitcoin exchange, filed for bankruptcy. The Chinese government is also strongly against the anonymous features of bitcoin. Investors will have to decide if these recent market disruptions are an opportunity to buy low or if these are signals for more problems in the future.

~ by John Johnson on April 19, 2014.

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