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I hope you enjoy our content and that you learn more about Tablets; the many possible Manufacturers,  and the many possible Home, Business, Education, Farming, and HealthCare applications for these fantastic devices. I am excited about the recent developments in Tablet computing as it has been a long time coming and it took creative companies like Google and Apple to accomplish such a revolution.

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Several of my friends have asked “what is a tablet and what does it do for me”? I think I had better answer this question first before I get into the listing of Tablet manufacturers and the recent products they have released.

The tablet device has been a long-time inspiration for computer enthusiasts. The thought of having a powerful device that can handle everyday tasks expected of a desktop computer was first attempted by the IBM 5100 laptop. My uncle was an IBM for engineer and I remember the dinosaur monochrome laptop he had as if it was yesterday. This device was portable had tons of storage and could be connected to a 300 baud modem!! Ok, sorry for that little remembrance of yesteryear regarding ms-dos and 0s/2 but you have to give props to the originals of which you stand on.

Back to the tablets. For non-puter-types this device will allow you to accomplish the same things you do at home on your PC such as; viewing HD video on demand, viewing and editing high resolution photos, rip through hundred of emails in no-time, and last but not least connect with family and friends in ways you never knew possible through Facebook and other social sites.

But you say, “I have a laptop that can do this”. Can you just pull up a laptop and swipe through a recent birthday party video mash-up? Can you just pull up a laptop and share your favorite chapter of the current book/magazine you are reading and share with a friend? Can you just pull up recent reviews of your product online to a customer to show real-time feedback of what your product can do for them? No, only a Tablet can do this.

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You may want to check out the new Motorola Xoom Android Tablet as an example of the latest tablet technology!

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~ by John Johnson on January 26, 2011.